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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, everyone, and when come to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of july 9, 2015. we're joined today by mayor ed lee. madam clerk can you please
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call the roll. >> thank you, madam president. supervisor avalos. avalos present. president breed, here. supervisor campos, present. christenson not present. supervisor cohen, cohen present. supervisor farrell, farrell present. supervisor kim, kim present. supervisor mar, march not present. supervisor tang, tang present. supervisor wiener, wiener present. supervisor yee, yee not present. supervisor christenson, christenson present. madam president, you have a quorum. >> madam clerk, supervisor yee is present. >> thank you, madam president. >> thank you. okay, ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation
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under god, indivisible with liberty and just -- justice for all. >> okay, madam clerk, are there any communications? >> i have none today, madam president. >> colleagues, any changes to the meeting minutes of april 28 or april -- for the april 29th special meeting? seeing none, is there a motion to approve those minutes? motion by supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor cohen. without objection, those minutes will be approved once public comment has been completed. madam clerk, are there any changes to the agenda? >> there are none today, madam president. >> can you please call the first item. >> the first item of business is the policy discussion between the honorable edwin lee and members of the board of supervisors. the president will recognize the mayor, who may provide initial remarks for
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up to 5 minutes. the president will then recognize the eligible member, supervisor christenson. there may be follow-up questions as long as the entire discussion does not exceed exceed pars3 5 minutes. >> just last week i was here presenting our proposed balanced budget, it's a balanced budget that not only provides vital city services but one that's affordable over the long-term and one that makes start investments. as you well know city government has an important role to make in making the lives of all people better and these good economic times represent a significant opportunity for us to continue to make sure that san francisco is safe, a livable city and a city that confronts our affordability challenge. and if we're going to talk about
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affordability we must talk about housing. every day i work on this issue and every day i challenge my staff to do more and to work with the community to confront this challenge with real solutions. we know we need more resources to build housing now and that's why we're proposing a 2015 affordable housing bond to speed up construction of housing for low and middle income families without raising property taxes. we worked hard to increase this bond and that's why i'm asking you, members of the board, to amend the proposed 2015 affordable housing bond to add 50 million dollars that had been identified by our controller to be dedicated to the planning, the acquisition and construction of affordable housing in the mission neighborhood. we know the mission neighborhood needs more housing, needs more affordable housing, and we need to stabilize the neighborhood. this increase in the bonding
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capacity brings the proposed housing bond to $300 million again without raising property taxes. this 2015 affordable housing bond is a crucial component to my more than 1.1 billion dollar, 5 year affordable housing response plan that will build, rehabilitate and preserve 30,000 homes by 2020 with more than 10,700 affordable homes for low and middle income families through the city. this is crucial to my 2020 strategy that sets a series of ambitous goals that building more housing and stabilizing the mission neighborhood where two-thirds of the residents are low and moderate income. we will accomplish these goals together by implementing strategies that stop the displacement of long time
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residents, increases the supply of affordable housing in the neighborhood and acquires buildings for are affordable housing, creates greater job opportunities for residents and strengthens the small business character of the mission. we must also continue to build housing affordable to people across income spectrums in order to generate the housing. over the next years new market dwefrlment is anticipated to generate more than 100 million dollars in affordable housing fees that can be put to work to purchase sites and build housing throughout the city. with the success of our city we have a special opportunity to ensure the prosperity of our city extends to all our residents. we will continue to invest in our infrastructure and most importantly our people so that san francisco remains a city for everyone and i view the submission of the proposed budget as the first step in that process and i'm proud of
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what we've been able to accomplish so far and i look forward to working with the board that ensures the success of the city. with that, let's get to supervisor christenson's question. >> thank you, mr. mayor. today we have one question from our district 3 colleague, supervisor julie christenson. supervisor christenson. >> mr. mayor, you and i have talked a lot about affordable housing throughout the city. district 3, which is a little different from a lot of the other districts in the city because of a lack of open space, we've been discussing creative ways to both create but also retain housing stock to keep our san francisco residents in the district. there are few opportunity sites for new housing in the district. what can the mayor's office do to expand alternative housing opportunities throughout district 3, especially for our
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low and middle income families and our seniors? >> i agree we must be unwavering in our commitment to increase and preserve our stock of affordable and safe housing that serves a range of income levels and protects the vibrant and unique character of our san francisco neighborhoods. that's a lot to balance and it's clear we need to maintain our focus in order to address these issues. building and preserving affordable housing is a key focus of my administration. we can expand housing opportunities working families low income households and seniors on fixed incomes with strategickally deployed funding and programs programs like yours and supervisor wiener's accessory dwelling unit legislation. but this isn't just about developing more housing and doing so faster, it's also about the people who live in our city, young and old, people of all ethnicities, who feel
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vulnerable to market pressures and who can't afford the high rents. that's why i applaud your commitment to your district for your call along with supervisor cohen and president breed to establish a neighborhood preference program, a program that will, for the first time in our city's history, prioritize neighborhood residents for affordable housing programs. this policy will help stabilize our neighborhoods by keeping residents in their communities, an important establish towards preserving our neighborhoods that helps define and strengthen districts such as yours. we all agree that we must continue to do more and that's why you now have a number of important housing policy decisions before you, policies crafted by my housing working group and designed to increase the amount of affordable and middle income housing across the city to address our housing affordability crisis. these
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policies include changes to our offsite inclusionary that will help speed up the development of neighborhood based affordable housing and make inclusionary housing more accessible to moderate income residents. they outline an affordable housing bonus program that will provide more housing in middle income units without a city subsidy, in transit-rich corridors of our city. they will give small builders the ability to buy existing rental housing with tenants at risk of being displaced and set those buildings aside as permanent affordable housing. and, finally, pending before the board this week is our 2015 affordable housing bond a bond that won't raise taxes and stall the city's commitments to provide affordable open space and emergency services for citizens. as i stated earlier, our
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housing bond will create funding, protect existing residents in rent controlled units and expand rental and home ownership opportunities for our city's work force including first responders, educators, nonprofit workers, service employees and nurses. we are committed to investing 2.7 billion dollars to address the city's on-going affordability crisis over the next 20 years and together we can increase access to safe and affordable housing and, in turn, promote diversity, social equity, economic vitality, which are the cornerstones that support our thriving city. so with that i know we have a lot to do so let's all get back to work. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. mayor, for being here today. madam clerk, can you please read the consent agenda. >> items 2 through 11 comprise the kupb seblt agenda. these
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items are considered routine. >> please call the roll. >> on items 2 through 11, supervisor mar. march, aye. supervisor tang, tang aye. turp wiener, wiener aye. supervisor yee, yier. avalos aye. breed, aye. christenson aye. supervisor cohen, aye. cohen, ire. supervisor kim. there are 11 ayes. >> these ordinances are finally passed unanimously. >> item 12 is an oerd nrapbs to amend the administrative code to revise chapter 6 of the public works contracting policies and procedures. >> supervisor wiener. >> madam president, i move to continue item 12 one week. >> supervisor wiener has made a motion to continue this item one week to the meeting of june 16th, 2015. is there a second?
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seconded by supervisor campos can we take this, colleagues, without objection? without objection this item is continued to next week. next item. >> item 13 is an ordinance to waive the competitive process requirement of administrative code section 2a.173 and approve amendment no. 1 to the domestic terminal food and beverage lease for a new total minimum annual guarantee of $140,000, term ending november 18, 2018. >> colleagues, can we take this item, same house, same call. without objection this is passed unanimously on first reading. >> item 14 ordinance to retroactively waive the competitive process to award a second lease space under the rental car center cafe lease, a small business set aside between marina's cafe and the
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city with a minimum guarantee of approximately 10,000 for a new total annual guarantee of 21,000, term ending august 4, 2018. >> same house, same call. without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. >> item 15 is an ordinance to amend the health code to authorize the animal control officer to waive adoption fees and other applicable fees upon finding such a waiver will increase the live release rates. >> same house same call. without objection this is passed unanimously on first reading. >> item 16, resolution to authorize the recreation and park department to accept and expend from the state of california for the noe valley town square project, to require the (inaudible) is providing the use restrictions. >> same house, same call.
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without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 17 is a resolution to approve an amendment to the agreement between the department of public health and the bayview hunters point foundation for behavioral health services to increase the total contract amount to a not to exceed 29.25 million for the term ending december 25, 2015. >> item 18, resolution to approve an agreement amendment between the department of public health and the public health foundation enterprises to provide program management services to support the san francisco homeless outreach team and increase the total contract amount to 23.76 million. >> same house, same call, without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 19, resolution to approve the sixth amendment to the contract agreement between public health and fort health for substance abuse treatment for users with methadone and
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other replacement therapies to increase the total contract amount to a not to exceed amount of 6 million. >> same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 20 resolution to approve a contract amendment to the agreement between public health and the san francisco study center for programs providing services to adults and transitional aged youth to approximately 13.45 million for the term ending december 31, 2015. >> same house, same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, can you call items 21 and 22 together, please. >> item 21 is a resolution to authorize the director of risk management to enter into the first amendment of a contract with aen risk insurance services west for insurance broker and risk management consulting services, to increase the contract limit
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from 9.5 million to 15.7 million term ending july 21, 2016. item 22 with aliepbt services to increase the contract limit 19.52 million to that.28 million for the term ending july 30th 2017. >> same house, same call. without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 23 and 24 together. >> item 23, resolution to authorize the real property lease with klw investments, item 24 is also authorizing a real property lease with klw investments, the first is for 3119 mission street consisting of 11,000 square feet for approximately 474,000 in base rent. the other is for 3120 mission street for a base rent
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of an initial year for use by the human services agency for a 5 year term from july 1, 2015 through june 30, 2020. >> colleagues, can we take these items same house, same call . >> item 25 is a resolution to fix prevailing wage rates for workers providing public works and improvement janitorial services storage facilities for automobiles for workers engaged in theatrical or technical services for shows on city property for the hauling of city generated solid waste and for moving services under city contracts at city-owned or leased facilities, for workers engaged in exhibit display or shade show work at special events on city property. >> same house, same call. >> item 26 is a resolution to
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authorize the director of public works to execute modification no. 5 to a professional services agreement with montgomery corporation to provide inspector of record inspection services for san francisco general hospital rebuild program in an amount not to exceed 11.6 million for a term expiring december 31st, 2016. >> same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. item 27. >> item 27 is a resolution to approve amendment no. 1 with the new flyer of america inc. contract to change the propulsion system from parallel propulsion to series propulsion and to purchase an additional 48 standard and 50 articulated low floor diesel hybrid busses for a total contract amount not to exceed 168 million. >> same house, same call. wait, the house has -- oh, same house, same call. without
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objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. . >> item 28 is a resolution to approve and authorize the execution of a host site agreement with pga tournament corporation for the use of tpc harding park golf course for the 2020pga championship for a site fee of 2 million. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 30, resolution to approve an extension agreement between the public utilities commission and the turlock
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district to extend the term of the sales agreement to june 30, 2016. >> same house, same call. without objection this resolution is passed unanimously. >> (inaudible) proceeds of future bonded indebtedness authorizing the mayor's office of housing and community development to submit an application and related documents to the california debt limit allocation committee to permit the issuance of a revenue bond in an aggregate amount not to exceed $30,024,000 for walker drive. >> madam clerk, call items 32 through 34 together. >> item 32 is an ordinance to prohibit advertising of sugar
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sweetened beverages on city property. item 34 is an ordinance to amend the health code to require advertisements for sugar sweetened beverages to include a warning about the harmful effects of consuming such beverages and to impose pepbltds for noncompliant. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much madam president. colleagues, today before us is 3 pieces of legislation and i'm proud to coauthor these pieces of legislation with supervisor mar and supervisor cohen. the three of us have worked together, also supervisor avalos, to confront a major health problem for our city, for our state and for our country, and that is the significant negative health impacts on our community of sugary beverages. these drinks are almost half of our sugar in the american diet one 12-ounce can of code code soda has 10
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teaspoons of sugar. we are trending toward 40 percent of americans having type 2 diabetes, 50 percent in community of color and approximately one-third of teenagers today have either diabetes or pre-diabetes. this is a looming disaster for our health care system and we have to take action. last fall 56 percent of the voters in san francisco voted in favor of our proposed soda tax. 56 percent, a strong majority despite $10 million in opposition spending by the soda industry. while we did not achieve the two-thirds required to enact the tax, the voters sent a very clear message that they agree that this is a problem and they want us to take action and today we are taking action. i will talk about the health
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warning legislation and leave it to supervisors march and cohen to talk about the other pieces. this legislation for the first time anywhere that we are aware of will require health warnings connected to sugary drinks, specifically health warnings on advertisements for sugary drinks. it is modeled to the concept of warnings for cigarettes where 20 percent will have to be health warnings, it will warn people that these drinks are a factor giving people diabetes and obesity and oral health problems. the legislation will apply to billboards, to signs connected to stores and any other kind of sign in our city. we think that this is an important step as with cigarettes, as with other products that make people sick, in terms of making sure people have all the information they need to be healthy. we know with cigarettes that over 50 percent of americans smoked
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and due to a combination of smart public policy interventions around cigarette taxes and health warnings and so forth we were able to collapse smoking rates down to a little bit more than 15 percent. we know that health warnings work, they have worked with cigarettes and they will work here and i hope that this legislation will lead other cities and states and ultimately the federal government to move in the right direction in terms of warning consumers that these are not just harmless products that taste good, that these are products that are making people sick and we need to take action. i want to thank all of the many advocates who have been working for so many years on this issue and who have helped us with this legislation. i want to especially thank my legislative aide, jeff creton for his work on this issue and
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want to thank again supervisor mar and supervisor cohen for their work on this legislation as well and colleagues i ask for your support. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much, supervisor wiener you've got my support. absolutely. here's something that you may not realize that, that without action on this legislation today, one in three children will develop diabetes in our lifetime and among them african american and latino youth will be half of this particular population. the three pieces of legislation we are going to be discussing and hopefully voting on today is part of our continuing effort to address the health disparities in making our communities healthier but also better and more informed. the piece of legislation that i have introduced and that we're going to be voting on today will prohibit advertising sugary sweetened beverages on city property. what's interesting about this is that
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the legislation is modeled off of a prohibition that already exists. it applies specifically to tobacco and alcohol products inside san francisco. so what we're proposing here today is not something that's so new and earth-shattering. i actually fundamentally believe that we are doing the right thing and that we should be adhering to the standards that we hold for alcohol and tobacco, particularly when we know that these sugary beverages ar product that we know is identified by science and research to be slowly killing us. our youth, our youth are one of the main reasons why i'm involved in this effort. i fear that they are heavily targeted. back in 2013 the beverage companies spent more to promote events and sponsorships specifically targeting our youth than any
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other food category. now, this prohibition on sweetened beverages and advertising will help us begin to move closer to bridging the gap of the health disparities that exist. i, too, would like to acknowledge a few very talented people that have been working with us. i want to acknowledge deputy city attorney anita wood for her efforts on this legislation. i also would like to recognize yoyo chin on my staff and every advocate, every person of the 56 percent of san franciscoans that voted on this measure, we are doing this for you. we have heard your charge and we supervisor wiener and myself and supervisor mar, are picking up the mantle and charging ahead. the advocates to our research sponsors, to the research universities that are with us the medical and dental associations this has been an incredible effort and we are very grateful for your leadership. colleagues, i hope you will be able to join supervisor mar and
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supervisor wiener and i in this legislation. >> supervisor mar. >> i would like to thank my colleagues supervisor cohen and wiener and avalos as well and acknowledge this dpbtd start with four politicians, it started with generations of activists that are now chart of the choose health sf coalition that includes advocates shape up sf and many, many other groups. i want to also say it's not just a looming public health crisis, it's a racial justice cies says as well. as others said my daughter's general race, she's 15, one-third of them will develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. one half or more of the african american and latino populations will develop diabetes in their lifetime. that means they will live 8 or 9 years less than other folks who don't have type 2 diabetes. it is literally taking years
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off their lives. this is round 2 of us against big soda. it came up in our hearings to approve these items and supervisor kim was in the hearings as well. they troted out a dietitian that was paid for by the mefrpb beverage association to testify don't worry about it. who are you going to believe, a paid-for dietitian or are you going to believe this broad diverse coalition for public health in san francisco that's been working for decades on this issue. i also want toad say that besides the addressing the predatory marketing of soda companies and the right to know health warnings that my colleagues have proposed, my piece of this trio of legislation would prevent city departments from purchasing any sugar-sweetened beverages and also city contractors and